Welcome to the Lab!

I’m on a journey to grow side projects while being a full-time student. I'll try to document the whole process to share it with you.

Side Projects

Learning new skills

  • Machine learning (pytorch)
  • Microservices Architecture: load balancing, containers, clusters, ...
  • C++: data handling, machine learning. Goal: building a database software from scratch!

To Ship List

Here is the list of projects I want to ship before the end of 2021:
A slick UI/UX To-Do App (taffeur)
An API to evaluate pronunciation / plugin for education platforms #deeplearning #edtech (speakfluent.li)
A translation widget to add on your website (@transltr)
A machine learning no-code tool: drag and drop, plug to other apps like spreadsheets, CRMs...
An onboarding/support chatbot for small teams, solofounders and bootstrappers
A health app to replace heatlth notebook and a solution for all health-related problems (tracking, drugs reminders, documents, news...) (@Milo)
Chrome extension to use custom css and keyboard shortcut with a marketplace
leboncoin-like platform for students to sell services/notes/tutoring and everything school-related
MenuNextDoor copycat for uni campus