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How to start a freelance business while being a full-time student

a year ago1 min read

In September 2019 I decided to teach myself how to code and learn web development (React).

Six months later, I felt confident enough to help other people with their websites.

I wanted to start a freelance business.

Ask your network

The first thing I did was to post a message on Linkedin to tell everyone I was a freelancer.

Looking back, the message was too much about me becoming a freelancer and not enough about how I could help.

I didn't get anything from this post. And to be honest I didn't felt completely confident to take a real project at that time. I needed a gentle first step.

To do so, I reached out to friends of mine who were building a startup. They didn't have any website so I offered them my services for free.

It was fun, but May was coming and I still didn't have any client at the door.

Be patient

Now we are in June and things start to change.

About a week ago, an alumnus reached out to us. He used to freelance while studying which got him a solid network and recurrent clients/projects. However, he's now busy with his own startup and he wanted to delegate two projects.

Of course, I jumped on the opportunity.

On top of that, I finally got feedback from my initial Linkedin post and a few other opportunities.

At this stage, all are still in negotiation and I'll do my best to get all of them and update you once it's closed.

Start your freelance business today

If I were to start again today, here's what I would do:

  1. Leverage my network to find a small project that will get you started. I'd post it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere (even Whatsapp).
  2. I'd look for people who can get me into business quickly thanks to their network and experience (alumni, students, Facebook groups, Twitter, meetups...). I'd offer more than I ask.
  3. Contact local businesses to help with a very attractive price.

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